This is A-Z information specifically for organisations who have an existing ECF grant. 

Changes / Delays

You must inform us of any changes or delays to the project we have funded. You will be contacted halfway through the project period to check all is progressing to plan, but you do not need to wait to hear from us if you need to contact us about significant changes or delays. The Trustees will need to approve any changes in how the grant is used, and reserve the right to withdraw funding where necessary as per our terms and conditions.


You will be contacted halfway through the project period to check all is progressing to plan but we do not require any formal information at this stage and prefer a concise email reply. If all is well with your project you do not need to submit any further information until the Progress Report at the end of the 12-month grant period.

Event invitations

Please send any event invitations to Laura Thomas, who will ensure that the information is circulated to the Trustees.

Further funding

If the previous grant has been fully spent and you have submitted a Progress Report, you may apply in the next appropriate funding round, provided you still meet the eligibility criteria. You should not reapply within the same 12-month period (unless for exceptional reasons this has been explicitly agreed with the Trustees). Please contact us if you are unsure if you are eligible to reapply.

Length of grant

Our grants are generally for a 12-month period, starting from the date you receive the funds, unless specifically agreed otherwise.

Progress Report

You can complete the Progress Report online here once the grant has been spent. You will be sent a reminder when your Progress Report is due, but you can submit this earlier if you have fully spent the grant. 

A copy of the questions asked in the report can be found here. This can be used to see what information is required to complete the report, however, please note that your final report needs to be submitted via the online form above.


Please contact us to ask permission in regard to any publicity, using our logo, listing us as a funder or otherwise publicising our support. We will list your organisation and project title on our website at the close of the relevant funding round.

Terms & Conditions

You can find our full Terms & Conditions here and within the paperwork sent to you with your offer letter. You agree to accept these terms and conditions when signing the Grant Acceptance form provided with your offer letter.


You must notify us should any part of the grant not be required and/or utilised within agreed timescales. It may be possible to negotiate how this is utilised beyond the grant period, however we reserve the right to request that any unused funds are returned to us.


Please contact us if you have questions about your existing grant and cannot find the information you need here or in your offer letter.