Before making any application for financial support please read the following General Terms and Conditions as your acceptance of these terms, together with any particular conditions which may apply to you/your organisation/project, will be required before we proceed to provide any support.

  1. Any support we provide will be offered in writing for your formal acceptance in writing and, as the applicant, you should not act upon any understanding that funding is granted until we have formally confirmed our grant to you in writing. Until that time, we will be under no obligation to make any contribution to you or your project.
  2. Any changes to the project will only be allowed with our written agreement. Notification of any change must be made to us as soon as possible, even if the grant is not yet drawn down.
  3. We give our consent for grants to be acknowledged in Annual Reviews / Year End Accounts. In addition, unless you specifically request of us otherwise, we may include reference to any support provided to you in our Annual Report and on our Website.     
  4. A project report must be provided to us as soon as practical after the grant is used, detailing achievements AND failures, what has been learned and how this can be applied positively in your sector. Where a project extends beyond six months, interim/progress reports will be required on a half yearly basis. We require reports to be sent to us electronically.
  5. Accurate and comprehensive financial records related to our funding must be included in all reports.  
  6. There needs to be an agreement to visit the organisation/project if requested by us.  
  7. Should any part of the grant not be required and/or utilised within agreed timescales you must notify us. We reserve the right to request any such funds to be refunded to us and you agree to make repayment upon receipt of our request.
  8. We reserve the right to withhold a grant or part of a grant or require repayment if a) the work undertaken is not the work for which the grant was approved (unless we have been informed and approved the change); b) we find that any false information has supplied to us and c) your organisation becomes insolvent or goes in to administration, receivership or liquidation to the extent of any part of the grant which has not already been spent on its intended purpose.
  9. We reserve the right to share the information you provide to us with other relevant parties, for example The Charities Commission, where we consider this to be appropriate.
  10. For security purposes we will require documentary evidence of bank account details prior to releasing any award.

We may, on occasions, add additional conditions specific to an individual grant where, in our opinion, the particular circumstances warrant these additions.